Katherine offers private harp lessons on both Celtic and pedal harp from her studio in the Rockingham area of Halifax, NS. All levels and ages are welcome.

Her teaching philosophy is to build solid technique and understanding of music theory to achieve beautiful, individual, and dynamic musicality, then combine it with a good dose of fun.


How often are the lessons?

To Maximize progress a weekly lesson is recommended. However bi-weekly is a possibility for those who who are traveling into Halifax for the lessons.

How long are the lessons?

Katherine offers three lengths of lessons:

45 minutes for children between age 8 and 12

60 minutes for those over 12 and adult beginners

75 minutes for advanced students and those preparing for university

What should I expect in a lessons?

A typical lessons will begin with gentle stretching, finger warm ups, and technical exercises. Followed by work on perfecting a older piece, then learning a new piece along with music theory of a corresponding level. The lessons will close with a review of what to practice during the week.

Do I have to bring my own harp for the lesson?

No! Katherine has both a Celtic harp and a concert harp in her studio available for students to use in their lessons.

I don’t have a harp!

Not to worry, Katherine will be happy to guide you in selecting a harp suitable for your needs to rent or purchase so you can begin lessons.

Contact Katherine for more information.